Solana Price Plunges 42%, Will There be a Recovery?

• Solana prices have dropped 42% in the past week due to various news events.
• Technical analysis suggests that there could be a short-term bounce to the $18 level, but this carries significant risk.
• The long-term outlook is uncertain as the market takes time to assess the true damage done by the news events.


Solana has experienced a sharp drop in prices of 42% within a week due to various news events. Though there may be potential for a short-term bounce, this carries considerable risk and the long-term outlook is unclear.

Market Impact

The market has reacted strongly to recent news regarding Solana, leading to large losses and volatility on lower timeframes. Development activity remains relatively high, according to Santiment data, however technical structure shows bearish pressure, with long liquidations fuelling a downward surge. A potential support zone exists at $14.8-$15.3, however further bad news could cause prices to dip below $10 levels seen in December 2022.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis indicates that Fibonacci retracement levels highlight possible bounce points at $16.4, $17.55 and $18.67 respectively; however these may prove temporary respites before another downward move occurs as bearish pressure continues from RSI and OBV readings.. November’s resistance also provides support for SOL but could only offer temporary relief from further price drops if more bad news surfaces soon..


It is uncertain whether or not Solana will recover quickly from its current price decline; this depends largely on how market sentiment responds over coming days and weeks following recent news developments regarding SEC branding SOL as security . Technical analysis can provide insight into possible areas of support or resistance but cannot predict which direction prices will ultimately take in response to external factors such as investor confidence or shifts in regulatory policy..


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