Avalanche’s Plan to Leverage Growth Through Subnets: A Closer Look

• Avalanche is leveraging growth through the use of subnets.
• The network is focusing on creating subnets to horizontally scale without network congestion.
• Avalanche has onboarded projects, launched an elastic subnet and encourages more network adoption through proof of stake validation.

Avalanche Leveraging Growth Through Subnets

Avalanche is pursuing growth while maintaining consistently healthy network performance by creating subnets as an avenue for horizontal scaling. This allows the network to grow without facing challenges such as network congestion. One of the developers revealed that the subnets run parallel to the mainnet and validators have to approve both mainnet and subnet transactions.

Subnet Projects Onboarded By Avalanche

Avalanche has been onboarding projects on its network through subnets, with the latest announcement ushering in a new decentralized exchange called Dexalot. Dexalot launched their Subnet this week, which is built with a dual-chain architecture. Furthermore, Avalanche announced it launched a new type of subnet called elastic subnets which feature proof of stake validation allowing token holders to act as validators and encouraging more network adoption.

Network Performance & Development Activity

Avalanche’s focus on growth is backed by healthy development activity which has been on an overall upward trajectory since the start of 2023. The recent meeting revealed that there have been increased efforts in development aimed at expanding the networks capabilities since then too.

Resistance To AVAX Encountered

Despite pushing forward with its plans for expansion, AVAX encounters resistance but sell pressure remains low thus far due to these efforts presumably going relatively unnoticed by investors and traders alike.


Overall, Avalanche’s plan to leverage growth through subnets appears promising so far with no signs of slowing down anytime soon – provided they can keep up their current levels of development activity and successfully onboard projects onto their platform in a safe manner – we may just see great success from them yet!